Our Company

At JY Travel, we understand that time is a valuable commodity for our clients. This is why we are dedicated to managing your travel needs, including designing your itineary and planning your vacation, taking into account the tiny details to enhance your travel experience. Planning for a vacation should be stress free and without hassel. We Focus on you so that you can Focus on enjoying the finer aspects of life.

In addition to our broad based luxury travel services, we also recognize that different customers have unique needs. Based on an initial analysis of our clients' needs, we will recommend appropriate travel products to our clients. We therefore have dedicated teams that address the specific needs of the following groups:

  • Personalized Tours
  • Gifts Tours ("Tours given as a Present")
  • Family Tours
  • Couples Tours
  • Anniversary Tours
  • Visa Application

With regards to our corporate travel, we also offer the following services to cater to our corporate clients:

  • Incentive Group Tours
  • Business Association Exploration Tours

The travel consultants who work in these teams are dedicated experts who can provide the best advice in these specialist areas.

If you are interested in our services or looking for some travel advice regarding your holiday plans, please feel free to contact us and a personalized travel consultant will get in touch with you. After analyzing findings from these meetings, we can discuss with you on the various possible itineraries or opportunities available.

Incentive Group Tour

Incentive travel is the most popular non-cash incentive given to your staff and can increase staff productivity. Group incentive travel, when associated with a conference, will both motivate your staff and provide a great platform to present your business goals and objectives for the coming year.

We also specialize in planning incentive trips for our corporate clients.  We have thus far organized various incentive trips to Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Italy and many more.

Hotel & Travel

To complement our range of products, we provide Air Tickets booking and Hotel Reservation services to our clients.  Our clients when planning their overseas trips will be able to contact our experienced and friendly staffs who are able to advise them on their air tickets and hotel accommodation based on our clients’ needs with regards to location, budget, and level of luxury.

MPV Transfer Services

At JY Travel, we attempt to provide ease of travel to all our clients.  Hence we not only provide travel planning and advisory services, we have also widened our products to provide luxury transportation to and from airport.

We provide luxury multipurpose vehicle (MPV) transportation to and from Singapore Changi Airport to you homes.  Our professional chauffeurs will arrive at our clients’ doorstep to pick them up and transport them to Singapore Changi airport.  Unlike vans or buses, our customers do not have to alight out of the vehicles while they cross immigrations.  This is particularly welcomed by our clients after a long and tiring flight home from their vacations.

Travel Insurance

A thousand and one mishaps can occur when you are travelling.  For example: Flight delays, loss of luggage, illness and accidents.  The result could be a financial disaster.  With travel insurance, you can be assured that you are constantly protected throughout your journey. 

Travel Safe - Enjoy worry free holidays, knowing that your travel arrangements and belongings are protected

At JY Travel, we provide our clients travel insurance offered by AIG and ACE Travel Insurance Companies.  Both companies offers comprehensive travel insurance coverage.  If you would like more detailed information, please contact us and our professional staff will be happy to provide a more detailed explanation.